We have an entire department focused on Project Review and Condo Financing.

Is a Condo Right for You?

Thinking about downsizing?

Retirees looking to downsize find themselves loving condominium communities.  Access to common areas for socializing or HOAs that take care of yard work and other outside maintenance, are just some of the perks one can expect with a condo.

Condos are a sensible choice when looking to downsize from your family home. Low-maintenance, no yard work, lots of amenities and opportunities to socialize.

Frequent Traveler?

A condo might be the right home for you . Professionals who travel a lot for work can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with condo living. Neighbors are always present and HOAs continue to take care of maintenance issues.

Looking for investment opportunities?

Why not invest in a Condo? Owning a condo may be as, or even more, affordable than renting. Are you liking the amenities and location of apartment complexes?  Many condo communities are built near urban conveniences and have community amenities like pools and fitness centers. Live the life you want while building real estate equity.

Considering a starter home?

Don’t want the maintenance of a single-family home, but still want the advantages of owning a home? The size and layout of a condo is the perfect solution for those who are just starting out.

Practical and cost-effective, condos are a great option for young couples. Enjoy the amenities and services offered in condo communities and take advantage of the location! Condos are often built near urban conveniences like restaurants and shops.

Building the American Dream Together

Supreme Lending’s Project Review Team

What We Offer Builders


Reviewed over 6,000 condominium projects over the last 3 years.


Over 1.1 Billion funded in the last 36 months.

87 Million in funded FHA / VA loans

*Data is based on company-wide performance as of 1-1-2019.


Supreme Lending’s Condo Team has:



in the past 24 months on over 14 new projects in the DFW area alone and approximately 148 new projects nationwide from New Jersey to California.



in unique projects such as the Ritz Carlton and The Museum to obtain Investor Approval where other lenders struggle.



clarification on legal documents and provide a process to obtain FHA and VA project approval to increase the number of available buyers for your project.

For Builders

We provide your buyers a streamlined financing experience while keeping you informed every step of the way.  Just as your buyers expect a maintenance-free lifestyle from their new home, we understand that you also expect a worry-free experience from your financing partner.

Here we do more than promise a commitment to excellence.
We measure every step to ensure it. For you, that means satisfied customers and fast funding so you can move on to the next development.

working with real estate professionals

What We Offer Realtors


We dig in when a challenge arises with a focus on project approval


Over 1.1 Billion funded in the last 36 months.

87 Million in funded FHA / VA loans

*Data is based on company-wide performance as of 1-1-2019.

Supreme #Condolution


More Financing Options

 – Clear Exceptions to Achieve Warrantable Status


Fewer Roadblocks

 – Experienced, Dedicated Condo and Project Team

 – Assistance During New Build/Construction


Better Turn Times

– 24-48 Hour Approvals for Condos Already on Approved Project List

– 48-72 Hour Approvals for Conventional Condo Loan Projects

*Data is based on company-wide performance as of 1-1-2021.

Join The #Condolution

Supreme Dedication

We dig in when a challenge arises with a focus on project approval.

  • Litigation
  • Investor Concentration
  • Diffculty in Obtaining HOA Certifications
  • Insurance Clarification Guidelines
  • Budget

Warrantable Is Our Goal!

Over 6,000 Condo Projects Reviewed Over the last 3 years

*Data is based on company-wide performance as of 1-1-2019.

Over 1.1 Billion Funded in the last 36 Months

*Data is based on company-wide performance as of 03-31-2018.

Have Confidence In Condos

We have a full service, experienced department just for Condos

We’re here for our LOs


We dig in when a challenge arises with a focus on project approval


Clear exceptions to achieve warrantable status

Rick Dionne
Regional Manager
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Fax: (860) 474-4329

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